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Professional Electrician Contractors in Central Alabama

Armstrong Electric serves Birmingham and Central Alabama for residential and commercial electrical needs. Proper wiring and security for your home or business are important for you to feel safe and secure. 

When in the market for electrical services in central Alabama, you want a reliable and skilled electrician who can provide detailed and concise electrical services. Our professional electricians have extensive experience. Home and business owners must avoid circuit breaker trips, constantly flickering lights and electrical malfunctions from heavy equipment. 

As local electrical contractors in Birmingham, Alabama, we provide excellent residential and commercial electrical repair, from panel replacement to changing light bulbs in your home or office. We are fully certified and licensed electrical contractors.

Licensed Electricians Offering Comprehensive Services Birmingham, AL

Our master electricians provide various services, from fixing electrical panels to surge protection. It’s time to find an electrician who follows local building and national electrical codes while offering many services, including:

Our years of experience in electrical tasks, from installation services to panel upgrades, make us the ideal electrician company to tackle your problems. Contact us today to have your issues addressed immediately.

Thorough Electrical Inspections and Code Corrections

Our electricians thoroughly inspect all your electrical systems, ensuring safety, code compliance, and adherence to regulations. We carefully evaluate your electrical setup, identifying potential issues requiring immediate attention. Ignoring electrical problems can be risky for your property, possibly leading to fires or power outages.

It is essential to address these issues quickly to ensure the safety of your home or business. Our proactive approach immediately addresses any issues, protecting your property from electrical harm. Contact us today for a complete assessment.

Reliable Electrical Services FAQs

Do You Provide Emergency Electrical Services?

Yes, electrical emergencies can occur anytime, so we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services. Whether it’s a power outage, electrical fault, or any other urgent issue, our team is available to respond promptly and restore safety to your property.

How Often Should I Schedule Electrical Inspections?

We recommend scheduling electrical inspections at least once every few years for residential properties and more frequently for commercial and industrial properties, depending on usage and building regulations. Regular inspections help identify potential issues early, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Do You Provide Electrical Upgrades & Retrofitting Services?

We specialize in electrical upgrades and retrofitting to improve your electrical systems’ safety, efficiency, and functionality. If you need to upgrade your electrical panel, install energy-efficient lighting, or retrofit older systems to meet current codes.

Are Your Electricians Licensed & Insured?

All our electricians are licensed, trained professionals with extensive experience in the field. Additionally, we carry comprehensive insurance coverage to protect our clients and their properties against any unforeseen circumstances. Trust our team to deliver quality workmanship and exceptional service on every project.

Can You Help with Electrical Wiring for Renovations or New Construction?

We provide electrical wiring services for both renovation projects and new construction. Our team specializes in designing and installing electrical wiring systems for remodeling, additions, and new commercial properties. We customize our services to meet your needs and requirements while ensuring compliance with building codes and safety standards.

Choosing the Right Electrician in Central Alabama

Searching for electricians can be overwhelming, whether a problem needs to be solved immediately or if you’re just looking to upgrade your home or office with a new addition. We know how stressful and daunting finding the right electrician can be. 

Armstrong Electrical has got you covered when you need that electrical backup when the power goes out. Offering the latest in generator models, we can equip your home or business with the reserve power you need in any case of an electrical emergency. Call today to schedule an appointment and ask about generator installation for your home or business.

We Also Offer 24/7 Emergency Services

If your problem is old or new construction electrical wiring needs, we are here to serve you at any hour of any day. For both residential and commercial electrical needs in Central Alabama, contact us now.