Electrical Frequently Asked Questions

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As soon as you suspect that you are having an electrical issue or if you’ve recently purchased something that needs to be installed by a licensed, insured electrician. Electrical issues should be handled quickly, especially if you suspect something is wrong.

Our electricians receive extensive training to become certified, so they are able to safely handle potentially dangerous situations. While there are many different types of DIY projects in your home you can safely attempt, it’s best to leave electrical work to a professional. Put safety first and hire a licensed and insured electrician.

It is essential for many reasons to have electric loads calculated for your home or business. Determining the size of the electrical panel involves an audit of your appliances and a little bit of math as well. Don’t hesitate to give Armstrong Electrical Contractors a call and we’ll be happy to assist you in your energy load audit.

If you can safely turn the power off, do so and give us a call immediately. You might need an upgrade or some maintenance. Either way, this is a job for the professionals.

A surge protector is a piece of equipment that suppresses excess voltage in your system to prevent it from causing harm to your appliances and devices. You should get surge protectors for all your appliances and devices to protect them from power surges.

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Let us help you resolve any electrical problems you’re experiencing in your home or your business.